Many Ravelers like to set personal goals for projects to complete in a year – the number, type, using only stash – and actively discuss it on the site. Now you can track these goals in your notebook and check up on your progress!

As of today, in your notebook you’ll see a new tab called challenge. You can enter a goal for the year or opt out, which will remove the tab from your view. After you have set your goal the tab is a home for your challenge –  the projects you have completed this year and the ones in your queue with a deadline in the current year stay up to date to track your progress. You can change your goal at any time, there is no deadline to sign up, and if you opt out and decide later to opt back in, visit the link in this post to join in.

We’ll keep adding to it throughout the year, so keep checking back for more goodies! Happy New Year and Happy Raveling to all of you in 2018.