Eye Candy: Spin me right round

December 12th, 2017

I love seeing projects made with handspun. I’ve got a bunch of handspun waiting for a project, so I have been checking out handspun projects to get some ideas. Here are a few that stood out to me.

This first set of projects feature some of my favorite colors. From left to right: BearandPants’ Aphrodite + Fauna, ModernKnitress’ Millefiori Bones and stelladelsud’s 2017 Webschal Marilena.

I was really drawn to the stripes and bright colors in these projects. From left to right: pallasathena23’s EliJacke, alissou’s Operation piers de Licorne and StarKnits’ Epic Mashup Sweater.

I love how Ravelry connects everything. If you look at the project pages linked above, you can click on the yarn and then go from there to get information about the fiber used to create the yarn. It’s really fun to see the progression from fiber to finished project this way. If you want to check out even more handspun projects, you can use the project search for handspun. Thanks to all of the spinners who add each aspect of their project for the inspiration!