Eye Candy: Terrible Lizards

April 5th, 2017

I bet that you know a kid who loves dinosaurs. I live with one. This morning we listened to one of her favorite songs, “Dinosaur Stomp”. The singer wears a shiny gold fanny pack and rhymes: “I hang with Littlefoot, he gives me great input, we eat at Pizza Hut”. My daughter doesn’t remember those pizza ads because she is 5 but she loves the song anyway, because anything that involves dinosaurs is awesome. Here are some awesome projects that involve dinosaurs.

Above, on the left, is SpinKnitUp’s CavySaurus Rex. This little squeaker is very cute in his dino costume. More importantly, his name is Pete the Cat kavisagi invented an amazing Dino Cowl and TendonitisSuitsMe made this baby a Triceratops hat.

Above: dendrobe’s Cera Tops Baby Blanket will captivate this baby for years, kjayneb made the cutest Stegosaurus, and kamidake created an artful modification that isn’t quite a dinosaur but that is so cool that I had to include it: Laly Thunderbird