Tip: Hats and Flair!

March 30th, 2017

Every year, April Fool’s Day becomes Hat Day on Ravelry: we give every user a random silly hat that appears above their Ravatar on their profile pages and when they post on the forums.

hat day 1

This year for the holiday, you’ll be able to choose your hat and even add some fun flair to your Ravatar! To do this, on April 1, go to your profile page by clicking your picture in the upper right of your screen.

hat day 2

Next, click on the “add some flair” button, and you’ll see this menu:

hat day 3

Dragging the little icons onto your picture and arrange them however you like. If you decide you don’t want something after all, just drag it back out. Click “I am finished” in the bottom right when you’re done, and now your awesome flair-filled Ravatar will show on your profile page and when you post in the forums for all of April Fool’s Day.

hat day 4

Have fun!