AlixPearson’s Popcorn (Hot Butter) looks great on her… but her cat thinks it is a cushion.

Years ago I did an Eye Candy about projects that were adopted by their makers’ cats as soon as they were laid out to block, and today I wanted to share another group of cat-photobombed FOs. All of these were finished this month, and all of them now belong to the cat.


Marcyssk’s Red Rasta Cowl 2.5 looks really pretty with this cat’s green eyes. KnittingMaire mentions in her project notes that her cat stole her cushion… yes, that is what happens!


knittingcat’s kitty looks sweet and elegant here but, along with its cat siblings, played hide and seek with this lovely Berg #2 shawl and it had to be started over. The perseverance was worth it and a cat this lovely deserves a little fun, yes? NinjaChicken’s lovely cat appears to be coming in for some scratchies but I bet it would happily make a bed out of this lovely Haust sweater if possible…


These projects were made for the cats on purpose! Bixus’s cat is enjoying this beautiful Manta de hexágonos (III) – cat blanket, while miaha88’s cat cuddles up with the newly-made suddenly there was a mouse toy.

Only the finest of projects will receive the approval of their cats!