Community Eye Candy: Crochet

February 28th, 2017

Some weeks I already have an idea for a theme for my eye candy, and some weeks I just open projects advanced search and see what I am drawn to. This week my eye was drawn to several recently finished crochet projects, so I decided to focus my eye candy there!

I love the texture crochet can bring out! Ermakelena’s pug dog Benedict, jessicab2233’s Green Alya, and Yvonne2104’s Orchid 2.

These accessories are lovely and color coordinated. CherryHeart’s Seaflower Mitts, Raccroc’s Cyclone hat experiment, and Mamaloftin’s Tiny hearts¬†.

And finally, three outstanding sweaters. PegStarbuck’s Labyrinth sweater, imgonnastitch’s Acute sweater, and canuck40’s Savannah Sweater.