This tip is a repeat – but it’s such a handy feature that we want to make sure everyone knows about it!

You can link your Instagram account to Ravelry and easily import photos to your projects and stash, or use the hashtag #ravelry on Instagram to send your photo here automatically! Here’s how it works:

Link your Instagram account

On the photos tab of your project or stash entry, click on the upload from Instagram tab. The first time you import pics, we’ll ask you to connect to Instagram to grant Ravelry permission to access your photos. Once you’ve given us access, you’ll see your Instagram photos appear in a grid on the upload from Instagram tab.

instagram 1

Now that your account is linked, you’ll always be able to select photos from this tab when you are adding photos to your stash and projects. So convenient… but wait! There’s more!

The Magic of #ravelry

With your Instagram account linked to your Ravelry account, you can use the #ravelry when you are uploading a picture to Instagram.

instagram 2

When you do, you’ll get a Ravelry message from our lovely mascot Bob!

instagram 3

From that message click on the yes, add this photo button and you’ll be taken to a page where you can add your photo to an existing project or stash entry or create a new project or stash entry with the picture. If you create a new project, you’ll be directed to the project entry page so you can fill in the rest of the project details. If you add the photo to an existing project or stash entry, we’ll take you to the photos tab of that entry so you can rearrange the order of your pictures there if you like.

Quick Note

The #ravelry hashtag will only work with newly added photos. If you want to add older Instagram pics to your Ravelry projects or stash entries, you can do that through the photos tab when you connect your Instagram account as described above. I have a step-by-step blog post about connecting your Instagram account here if you’d like more details.

We hope our users who are also on Instagram (lots of you!) enjoy this easy photo-adding option! 📷