Tip: Making Gifts for Ravelers

December 9th, 2016

Lots of us have friends on Ravelry that we make gifts for from time to time. You may even be working on one right now. Here are a couple of tips regarding making gifts for your fellow Ravelers.

Use Their Notebook For Hints
A Raveler’s notebook can tell you a lot about them! Looking at their project pages can tell you the colors they like to wear or maybe the fiber contents that they favor. For example, I can tell here that Mary Heather likes greens and blues.

If they fill out their profile page, you can find their favorite colors listed there and they may have additional helpful information in their “About Me” section. You could also check out their stash page to see if there are yarns they love to work with. If they love to work with a particular yarn, they’d probably like wearing it, too, or if you aren’t set on making something, a favorite yarn makes a great gift. So, when you are preparing to make a gift for another Raveler, don’t forget to check out their notebook for a wealth of information.

Keep the Project Anonymous
There’s a place on the project page to list who the project is made for and you can link a Raveler there, but you can wait and add that part after the project has been given to the recipient to keep it anonymous. You can also keep your notes somewhere outside of Ravelry when making the project and add them in at the end. Additionally, you can still add photos to your project page, but maybe just show small portions of the project, rather than showing the entire project if you think your recipient may come across the page.

Check out their Wishlist
If you decide not to craft for your Ravelry friend, check out their Wishlist and send them a pattern they want instead. You can find some information about the Wishlist feature in our recent blog post. If you don’t have a wishlist, yet, but have some patterns you might want, don’t forget to add them in case someone is looking to send you a gift!

We love how generous Ravelers are and we really enjoy seeing all of the gifts you make, both for fellow Ravelers and for those you care about outside of Ravelry. I hope this post gives you a little inspiration for finding the perfect gift for any Ravelers on your list.