Thursday Tip: Adding Your Blog

November 17th, 2016

Ravelry was started because Jess¬†wanted a place to keep track of all the projects she was seeing on knitting blogs. It’s nearly 10 years later and while we love our database of patterns, projects, and yarns, we still love seeing what is happening in crafty blogs. Today’s tip will teach you how to add your blog to your profile, link it to items in your notebook, and where else those posts will show up around the site.

Adding Your Blog

You can add your blog to Ravelry from your profile page. Go to edit it and among the top fields on the page are the place to enter your blog’s URL and RSS feed.

You’ll notice that I have different addresses there – the blog URL is what I would type in my browser if I wanted to visit the blog, while the RSS feed is what a feedreader would use to keep track of new posts. Your RSS feed URL will depend on where your blog is hosted. If you can’t find it, check to see if it’s automatically in your template, or ask the website where you run the blog for help in finding it.

After you hit save we’ll bring you back to your profile where there will now be links to your blog in a couple places. Above your projects we’ll show a screenshot of your site that links to it. And below the about me section we’ll have a list of your blog posts. New posts won’t show up instantaneously, but we update the list regularly.

Linking To Notebook Items

Once your blog is listed you can start linking it to the items in your notebook. If you have a new blog with just an entry or two, you may want to choose the route of going straight to those notebook items and linking them from the blog posts tab there. Casey has a great post on this. If you added an existing blog and want to quickly link many items, I recommend using your blog posts page. You can get to it from the blog posts section of your notebook menu, or the link below your blog posts on your profile page.

Below each entry¬†there’s a button to link it to items in your notebook. Additionally there’s an [x] to the right of each post that allows you to remove duplicates or posts you don’t want on Ravelry. If you want to get a post up on Ravelry right away click the refresh post list button and we’ll check for new entries.

Your Posts Across the Site

Blog posts show up in a couple places around the site. Patterns and yarns have blog post tabs that list blog posts linked to projects and stashes in user’s notebooks.

If you share a project or stash with a group, linked blog posts can show up on that group’s homepage. There’s room for the 4 most recent posts, so how long yours will stay up depends on level of group activity.

You can catch up on the latest from your friends on the friends’ blogs tab of the friends section of your notebook. You can filter that feed to show only your friends in specific Ravelry groups, or in the friend sets you’ve created.

And that wraps up my summary of blogs on Ravelry. I look forward to seeing what you’re blogging about!