If you use Ravelry on a mobile device, you may notice steady improvements as we work to optimize Ravelry for these smaller screens. Our newest improvement is to the mobile navigation menu:

mobile nav

This menu is available from any of our mobile-optimized pages: forums, messages, pattern search, and project search. From any of those pages, when you are in mobile view, click on the top tab and this navigation menu will appear, making it very easy for you to go to different sections of Ravelry and quickly access your notebook.

You’ll be in our mobile view for mobile-optimized pages automatically if you are on a mobile device, but if you ever selected to switch back to desktop view with the button at the bottom of every mobile page, and want to see the mobile view again, just scroll down to the bottom of the page on your mobile device and select the switch to mobile view option.

We hope these changes make it easier than ever to get right to the section of Ravelry you are interested in, from any device you wish to use!