If you are a regular reader of the Ravelry blog, you know I love doing Halloween-themed eye candy posts (here’s 2013 and 2014). It is not that I personally go big for Halloween –  I haven’t dressed for the holiday in 10 years – it’s that I find the costume FOs to be displayed with so much pride and enthusiasm. These were needles and hooks and shuttles moving quickly to bring joy to their owners and those sharing the holiday with them. And so, here is my third post highlighting recently completed crafted costumes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

This first set of FOs shows how much of a costume can be contained in a headpiece. From left: goldapp’s Bob Ross Wig, sonironi’s Medusa Hat, and nutmegknitter’s Mummy Halloween Hat.

The second set shows that not just humans look great in a costume. From left: xeniajoy’s Devil Horns, humbleluna’s lion snood dog costume, and llim’s Crab Costume for Beckworth.

And this final set highlights some projects that took creepy and turned it into classy. From left: CedarLinn’s Spooky Spider Cowl, Vanja80’s Dance of the Vampires, and woolfrog’s happy pumpkin.