Ever so often, we get on a knitting roll with a pattern, and just can’t stop knitting it. I like to call this “potato chip crafting” from the chip slogan “can’t eat just one.” There is something really nice about making a pattern you’ve made before, and I have several friends doing just that right now. This made me want to check out projects made by Ravelers from patterns they’ve used more than once. Here are a few that I found.

First off, with Halloween approaching, I couldn’t resist jknit’s renditions of Belfry & Boo-yah.

While we’re talking holidays, I love all of the variations of the Julekuler pattern made by hannekrarup. They are so festive!

Sometimes you find a sock pattern you want to stick with, as is the case with the many varieties of Vanilla Socks made by heckythump.

Finally, yarndaddyfl shows how a single pattern (in this case the Girl’s Best Friend Diamond Hat) can look very different depending on the yarn you choose.

I hope you’ll go check out these users’ projects as the ones you see here are just a few of the versions they made of each of these patterns. It’s fun to see how the choices of yarn and color impact a finished product, and it’s even more fun to see that within a single users’ projects! Thanks for sharing your “can’t stop, won’t stop” projects with us!