Eye Candy: Made for Rhinebeck!

October 18th, 2016

This past weekend, the Ravelry staff joined wool lovers from around the world in Rhinebeck, NY, for the New York Sheep and Wool festival. As always, the festival was packed with people wearing (and snapping pictures of) their beautiful handmade projects – just a few of which we’re highlighting here today.


On the left are Voolenvine in her Exploration Station and Shamekaknits in her Sunset Happily Sweater. On the right, edifyarcane and lemontango, both wearing their Bailey Cardigans! Yarn friends are the best.


Here are molliebatmit in her Safer in Cages, BronxKnit wearing a Caldwell Redux vest knit by fcbseal, and amberfscott in her Bikini Optional. You can tell they all feel fantastic in their new garments!


Finally, OnEdge28 shows off her October, silkensoytofu is all smiles in her Rhinebeck 2016 Harmonia sweater, and TheNewGirlKnits happily models her Worsted Boxy under a beautiful tree on the fairgrounds! Those smiles are contagious – like the Ravelry project happiness status grin personified.

We really want to thank everyone who came to the Ravelry meetups on Saturday and Sunday! It is always so much fun to meet and speak with other Ravelers. We’ve all been gathering together on that hill for such a long time now – here’s to many more years! If you came by the meetups and took a group photo, we’ll be posting them in the Rhinebeck group’s Ravelry meetup thread this week!