Thursday Tip: Project Gauge

October 13th, 2016

We find that everyone uses Ravelry a little differently and sometimes we get used to the way we do things, only to discover that there is something we’ve overlooked! Today I wanted to post about the project gauge field which can be helpful for you and for others who like your project.

On the project page, there is a field for you to record your gauge. You can choose to record stitches over one inch, two inches or four inches, and by row or repeat.

If you got are using a pattern and got the exact same gauge as the designer, you can click the “fill in gauge from pattern” link.

This can come in really handy to you if you set down a project for a while and come back to it, you can make sure your gauge has remained the same. Or, if you are using the yarn again, you’ll be able to have an idea of what the fabric looked like for you at that gauge before embarking on another project.

Also, when looking at projects from a pattern you might try, you may want to check out the gauge field to see if they knit the pattern at the gauge called for by the pattern or at a looser or tighter gauge. This can help you when deciding which yarn to choose and what gauge to knit it at.

So, when filling out that project page, don’t forget the gauge field! It may come in handy to you or to others down the road.