Bundles are a great way to gather your favorite things on Ravelry together for whatever reason you like. One very useful way to use bundles, that is fresh on our minds here on staff as we prepare to head to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend, is using them to make a shopping list!

bundle shopping

Since you can bundle up fiber, patterns, and yarns all together, it’s a great way to collect your wishlist in one place. You can also add notes to your bundled items, to make sure you won’t forget the notions, hooks, or needles you’ll need for each project.

share bundle

If you want, you can even share the bundle and make it public. When you do this, non-Ravelers will be able to see any public pages in the bundle, like pattern and yarn pages, and projects that their makers have set as public. Sharing your bundle is a quick and easy way to turn your shopping list into a wish list for people who want to get you a yarny gift!