In Texas it hardly feels like fall, yet, but it is officially Fall for the Northern Hemisphere. Fall to me means apple cider donuts, getting beloved wool items out from storage and the lovely colors of the season. Today I found some beautiful projects people have been making that reminded me of fall.

I loved the blue incorporated with the more traditional fall oranges, yellows and browns in these shawls. Clockwise from upper left: malecube’s Edlothia, Lady-Macbeth’s Autumn Leaves shawl and ahanson08’s The Elder Tree Shawl

I cannot wait to see trees in these colors this fall. From left to right: momidebi’s #NoOneLikesThisColor, knittintin’s Ketunpoika Kainuusta and butterflyazul’s Nighthawks

And finally, because I love seasonal decor, I couldn’t resist these last few projects. From left to right: KallyKY’s FOX cup cozy, yarnma’s Pumpkin and 3catlap’s Autumn Leaf potholder/mat

You may not be somewhere that fall is in the air, but I hope you find these projects inspiring no matter where you are!