Eye Candy: Fiber to Yarn to FO!

September 20th, 2016

I love browsing projects Ravelers have made from their handspun, clicking on the links on the project page to see the handspun project and then from there, clicking to see the fiber that the yarn was spun from. This journey from fiber to FO takes such time and care, and I’m so glad that Ravelers choose to document each step here. Today I wanted to revisit an Eye Candy topic I’ve done before and share the handspun project progression of a few lovely handspun projects that were completed this month.

fiber to fo 1

First: neuehobbytheke’s Tuch mit Zqeifarbpatent, made from her “Eichenwald” Ninchens SAL/KAL 2016 handspun, which was spun up out of “Eichenwald” fiber.

fiber to fo 2

Next up we have PetraMar’s First Handspun Sweater: Amy Polo, knit in her Amazonien Waterlily handspun which was spun from Amazonien Waterlily fiber.

fiber to fo 3

satm90’s Simple Socks were crocheted out of her TDF Special 2016 yarn that she spun out of TDF Special 2016 fiber.

fiber to fo 4

yancka’s G’Day Lill Sister was also made from a Tour de Fleece yarn! She used her #9 – TdF 2016 Extended handspun, which was spun from her Targhee Combed Top.

fiber to fo 5

Finally, kikkou’s Hibiscus Showers was woven from her SCF club November 2015 yarn, which she spun from her SCF club November 2015 fiber.

If you’d like to browse other projects finished this month and made out of handspun yarns, just check out this advanced project search – talk about beautiful eye candy! Thank you to everyone for sharing your wonderful work here on Ravelry!