Community Eye Candy: Hands On

August 30th, 2016

diannawalla’s inglis mitts and hannalita’s My Autumn Mitts

I can’t really say that it’s starting to cool down here, yet, but I do know cooler temperatures are right around the corner, which has me thinking about fall accessories. There are so many great mittens, gloves and fingerless gloves being finished by Ravelers right now, so I thought I would share a few.

These colorwork mitts really caught my eye, clockwise from top left: JaimeK’s Drinkers Mitts, hurdygurdygirl’s Delta Alpha Whiskey November mitts and knitnetty’s An enchanting mystery/Et eventyrlig mysterium

These crochet handwarmers were all a bit different, but I liked them all, from left to right: Cgbacon’s Twisted Handwarmers, theotherjenny’s Dragon Shells Mitts and MysticSmile’s Sock Monkey Mittens.

Since they are relatively small, hand accessories are a fun way to try a new to you technique or do something you might not have the patience to do in a larger project. You can use this advanced search to check out all of the great patterns available for keeping your hands warm.