One of the things I love about crafting is that there is always something new to learn. Cables seemed so mysterious until I tried them and realized you’re just switching the order of the stitches. Perfect fair isle floats sound so intimidating but just take practice. I’m sure that hand dyeing is equally straight forward when you attempt it, but as I have yet to try it I still view it as a form of magic – creating potions and changing elements. Today’s Eye Candy celebrates recently completed projects from yarn the Raveler dyed themselves.

First up, these Ravelers went bright and colorful! From left to right: lacesheknits’ Tidal Shoals Hooked (check out her project notes to see how carefully planned this project was!), havatrump’s April Leaves (this was dyed in the wool, then spun, then knit!), and Yachunne’s Stinos Sock-Blanc Farbverlauf.

These low volume projects show how gorgeous subtle color schemes can be. From left: mloomco’s WP5: Dyed & Striped Napkins, Louiseulf’s Marbled, and beckymcd5’s more cotton slub/linen dish towels .

Finally, this last trio of projects features yarn dyed with natural dyestuffs – plants and insects! From left: Saz’ Ornäs Hat, philda’s Noordwijk (in den achtziger Jahren), and elle-melle’s stril med stril.

I hope you enjoyed these fantastic projects! I found them by searching project notes and tags, filling out that info is a great way for your projects to be more visible in search results. Here’s an example of a project search for the tag handdyyed sorted by recently updated.