Good news for those of you who use Ravelry on breaks at work, classroom settings, the library, yarn stores, or who just prefer to not see pictures of more cheeky “mature content” patterns and projects: there is a new Ravelry setting in your profile that will allow you to hide these photos.

hide photos

To opt in to this feature, just go to your Ravelry profile page and click on the “edit your profile” link underneath your username. You’ll see a content filtering section, and there you can check the box that says hide photos that may not be appropriate for all ages. After that, scroll down to click the save changes button.

Here’s an example of what you’ll see now when browsing Ravelry patterns and projects – anything that has been marked as mature content will have their photos greyed out in the search results:

mature search 1

If you click on one of the pattern pages, the photos there will be greyed out as well:

mature search 2

If you decide you would like to see the picture after all, just click on one of the grey photo boxes on the pattern’s page and the normal “enlarge photo” box will appear, but with the actual pattern photo this time.

mature projects

The filter works similarly on projects that have their photos marked as “mature content.” You’ll see the grey boxes in project searches, project pages in notebooks, and on the main project page, but you can click on the project photos or the photos tab from the project’s page to see the actual pictures.

This setting will also grey out the pattern and project photos in places like the Hot Right Now box, the recently added patterns pages, and recently finished project pages. It does not affect projects shared with groups or project pictures shared in the forums, and as you can see by

If you’ve updated your mature settings and you’d like to test them out, I’ve marked a few of my project photos as mature. You can see them and click away to test things through this search link!

Don’t worry – if you click to see past the grey boxes you’ll just see pictures of my nephew and my dog. I’ll keep those projects marked as mature through the end of this month (May 2016) to give interested testers time to get set up and try out this new setting!

How do I mark my patterns and projects as mature content?

Great question! For patterns, you’ll find mature as an attribute tag. Choose that and you’ll be all set! For projects, just go to your photos tab of the project and you’ll see a drop-down at the top right that allows you to select “appropriate for all ages” or “mature content.”

I’m searching and I’d like to exclude these results entirely – how do I do that?

Super easy! We’ve had the option to exclude mature content from searches for a while. Just click on mature content in the attribute filters, then click the checkbox you’ll see. From there, at the bottom of the attribute filters box, select exclude all of these and all such patterns will be excluded from your search entirely.

We know that many of you have been wishing for such an option for a long time, and we sincerely hope this helps to make you feel more comfortable and confident while browsing Ravelry!