One of my favorite things about looking at projects is seeing the different ways people choose to wear things and different ways they style their knits based on their own personal style. I tend to lack creativity in this area, so I get a lot of ideas from looking at the Ravelry project pages. Today, inspired by an idea from Raveler carmcclure, I thought I’d feature a few different projects that show off more than one way to wear a shawl.

First of all, kurokids’ pecan parquet shawl, shown worn with the point to the side, to the middle front and to the middle back.

Next up, shannonlee’s Frederica Shawl. I love how she overlaps it in the front in the picture on the left, then the photos on the right show the front and back view of it draped open across her shoulders. She also has a picture on her project page of it wrapped around like a scarf.

I also love rosenator’s Fuzzy Logic. It looks great with the point to the side, open in the middle and tied in the middle. Check out the back view on her project page, as well.

Finally, two more circular shawls shown with the body of the shawl to both the front and back. At the top is cotefleurie’s Spring Shawl and on the bottom is AparnaK’s Snow Angel.

Shawls can be really versatile and worn in a variety of ways, but sometimes it is figuring which way to wear it that can be a little bit challenging. I hope seeing these shawls worn different ways will provide you with some inspiration today!