We have a new version of pattern search that is designed for phones and other small screens. It went live last week and we’d love for you to try it out and let us know what you think!


The mobile pattern search has:

  • all of the same filter and sort features as the desktop version
  • a quick way to peek at pattern details before you open the full page
  • a way to favorite and queue, with a fave/queue entry that is sized for small screens
  • easy “remember and compare” so that you can star patterns and look at them later on a different device
  • images that only load as you scroll toward them, hopefully speeding things up and saving data
  • Want to try it out? Just log into Ravelry on your phone and head to the advanced search. Scroll to the very bottom, and click the switch to mobile view button. You can always do the same thing to change it back:

    mobile view button

    For questions or to share your feedback, you can join us in this For the Love of Ravelry thread! Have fun searching on the go!

    mobile pattern search 2