I don’t know about you but I often need to go back and check out a pattern I have looked at recently. For a while now you have been able to see your recently viewed patterns (the last 100 or so pattern pages that you opened) in the patterns tab under “you’ve looked at…”

You can also click “your history page” there to see a list of patterns you have recently viewed. If you don’t view Ravelry patterns for more than 7 days, then your history is cleared. So, if you don’t see patterns there now, you will see them after you look at pattern pages again.

These features are handy, but this week we’ve made it easier to search in your recently viewed items to find just what you want! You can do this two ways. The first way is by clicking “your history page” then clicking “advanced search” on that page.

Another way to search within your recently viewed patterns is in the pattern advanced search. The option shows under “My notebook” and you can click “recently viewed” to only search within your recently viewed patterns.

This is particularly handy to use when you use Ravelry to look at patterns on multiple devices. If you use Ravelry from a mobile device and are interested in trying out our new mobile search, you can find more information about it in the forums. I hope this tip helps you find those great patterns that you’ve looked at but would like to see again!