Thursday Tip: The List

March 24th, 2016

Have you ever had a great idea for how to improve Ravelry and wanted to share it with us? Or maybe you want to see if we’re aware of a bug you’re experiencing? Well today’s Thursday Tip is all about The List – the place where we collect enhancement requests and bug reports.

How do I find The List?

The list is available on your forums tab – it’s between the top navigation tabs and your list of forum tabs and tools.

How do I get something added to The List?

Post about it in For the Love of Ravelry! Ravelry staff and volunteer bug trackers keep up with that forum and are able to add ideas to The List from there. If the idea is already on the list your post can be added, which is helpful for us to gather all the feedback about an idea in one place.

I have an opinion about a List item – what do I do?

There are several ways to voice your opinion about an item on The List.

If you post about it in For the Love of Ravelry, your post can be tracked to the item, as you can see on the right of the screenshot below.

It’s also possible to visit a List item and leave feedback there. You can get to an item by clicking a tracking link in a forum post, or by visiting The List and finding it by browsing (more details on that below!). By clicking the “Yes! I’d like this too” button you add to the thumbs up votes. By clicking “Notify me if this is completed” you become a watcher of this item. That means you’ll receive a private message when we mark the item as completed.

At the bottom of the page there is also a place for comments. They’re listed on the item in reverse chronological order, so we can quickly scan for the latest thoughts on the issue. Don’t be shy about leaving detailed comments – it’s valuable to us to learn exactly what you want and what you don’t!

How can I browse the list?

First, you’ll need to get to The List. From there we have a number of browsing options available on the left side of the page.

You can filter down by enhancements, bugs, tasks, or by the section of the site the idea is related to. There’s also a search at the top of the page if there’s a specific term you’d like to hone in on. Or you can look at the items sorted by most recent comment on the right side of the page.

Gosh, a lot of these ideas are really old. Does that mean you’re never going to get to them?

Definitely not! Lots of great ideas were suggested in the early days of Ravelry and just because we haven’t gotten to them yet doesn’t mean we never will. On the other hand, an item being on The List doesn’t mean it will definitely happen. We love having feedback from Ravelers on the changes you’d like to see (or not see!) and it is a key part of our discussions about how our two programmers spend their time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this intro to how to share your ideas with us, or join in on the conversation about previous suggestions. We feel lucky to have a community that cares so much about Ravelry and its future.