chaoskaethe’s CSD-Anhänger 18M

Sometimes yarn seems like magic. With even just a little bit of it, we can make something great! Here are a few recently completed projects made with 50 or fewer yards (45.72 meters) of yarn.


Left, louisap’s Norwegian star pincushion #2, and right, frkgarndk’s make-up pads. Such pretty and clever home projects!


Stormwhisper’s Amigurumi Baby Seal and kelly-ann’s Little Hedgehog are ridiculously adorable!


Finally, I loved how pretty and practical kdmade’s heart bookmarks and Cheetah2011’s Leafy Coaster are!

Searching through these projects makes me want to look through my yarn remnants and see if I can make myself a pretty little something, as well. If you’d like to see more projects made with fewer than 50 yards, you can check out this advanced projects search link, where I entered a custom yardage range from 1 – 50 yards. Enjoy!