Most people would tell you they know what wool is. And I guess technically they do, it’s the hair that a sheep grows, but to us fiber artists that just scratches the surface of describing wool. The sheen of Wensleydale, the bounciness of Targhee, the loft of Icelandic; these are details that we know and love. Today’s tip introduces a new feature that allows us to dig in and find the kind of wool (or other fiber!) that we love – the ability to search fiber stashes by fiber type.

First of all, you’ll see that we’ve added a fiber section to the advanced search. Now it’s easier than ever to browse fiber stashes on Ravelry. Once you get there, you can use our new fiber type filter to browse the stashes in the fibers that make your heart sing.

You can choose “All” at the top to see all of the stashes with a fiber of that type, or drill down to get specific. As always, you can also combine terms to find fibers made from your favorite blend.

Here’s a link to that last search, to get you started exploring! Enjoy perusing all the potential FOs in stashes (or use the all used up filter to trace the fiber to handspun and knitting/crochet projects!).

PS If you’re looking for these in the yarn advanced search, sorry, they’re not there yet. We’ll be adding them as more yarns have this detailed fiber type data.