SOB-rien’s lovely modern improv curves.

This week I went to a demonstration on improvised patchwork quilting (by the Raveler daintytime!). I was so inspired by the ideas of bringing improvisation into your crafting, and the look it can create, that I decided to bring that spirit to this week’s eye candy.

First up, I have to have some blankets. I love that these all use the limit of sticking to a set of scrap yarn as their palette. From left to right: annemariep’s Horrendous!, marusya’s Patchwork Scraps 10-Stitch Blanket, and Queenieamanda’s Stargazer crochet blanket.

Next, some knitted patchwork projects. I see an echo of the way improv patchwork has you make shapes without a ruler and then fit them together by listening to the project. From left to right: u-wind’s Patchwork Weste, Tiwaz58’s Mysteriöse-Topflappen, and khlmonster’s Patchwork-Tuck.

Finally, these projects all really capture the spirit of improvising your project. Clockwise from left: inlerah’s Amazing multicolor cardigan (those are 1-4 yard lengths Russian joined together!!), spindy’s Scrap Yarn Sock Advent Calendar, stefaniecanich’s Scrap Manic Panic, and Sings4joy’s Scrap Blanket 2015.

I found these projects by doing text searches for improv, patchwork, and scrap and got lots of results with those terms in the tags and notes. Adding notes and tags to your projects can help them show up in pattern searches for other Ravelers!