We’ve added a new little feature to your project pages! If you look at a project for which you logged your progress along the way, you will find a little link at the bottom right indicating how many updates your project had.

When you click on that, it will show you calendars with each time you updated your progress. This one took me a little while, as you can tell from the sleepy emojis between months.

If you don’t see them on your projects, you can make sure you see them on future projects by updating your progress more frequently on your project page. You can do that by going to your project page and clicking on the little green progress bar to adjust your progress throughout your project.

We’re always looking for fun ways to deliver the data to you, so we hope you enjoy these little progress calendars.

P.S. Speaking of fun data, we are now able to show you if a crochet pattern uses US or UK terminology (or both). If you are a crochet designer, please make sure you visit this thread to quickly designate which terminology your patterns use. Thanks!