Thursday Tip: Spread Some Cheer

December 10th, 2015

There are some great ways to spread some cheer on Ravelry, and to help your friends and loved ones send you some cheer, as well!

Are you involved in a swap where the person sending gifts doesn’t get revealed until later? If so, you can now send pattern gifts without the receiver knowing who sent them. To do this, log out of Ravelry and go to the pattern page, then choose the “send as gift” option to send it to the recipient.

Your recipient will receive a notification of your gift, and you can include a message to be sent with that notification, but it will not include your information if you wish to remain anonymous.

Do you want to add patterns to your wishlist for friends and family who aren’t Ravelers? If so, create a wishlist of patterns. You can find instructions for creating a wishlist using these instructions. Then, you can provide your friends and family with the link to your queue and they will see your wishlist. They can follow the links to the pattern pages and send them as a gift to you!

I hope these options help you spread some cheer to others and get a gift you will use, too!