We’re officially dipping into below-freezing temperatures where I live, and have already had our first snowfall… and I love it! With the colder weather comes a chance to wear our handmade sweaters that we’ve put so much work into. Here are some beautiful recently finished sweaters that Ravelers have made!


dwj1978’s Weekend Wear looks so cozy and versatile! Juliet73’s Cadmium Orange is elegant and cheery at the same time.


I love the vibrant blue of jillben’s Recoleta, and the bold graphic yoke on ellalc’s Icelandic jumper take 2!


jarmeblue’s Hayride and gramgrampam’s La Maille Sweater both have such beautiful textural details – and I love seeing those happy “my sweater turned out perfectly” smiles!


I’m crazy about greeny blues and teals! Lovewool-Knits’ Gemini and sarahbelle’s Swirl both caught my eye, pairing lovely blues with autumnal tones and using a rich teal with a bold cable design.

If you’re working on a sweater right now, may your yarn be a delight to work with, and your gauge be true!