Community Eye Candy: On the Edge

November 17th, 2015

Today while browsing projects for Eye Candy, I was struck by a few recently completed projects with striking details around the edges. I went searching for more, entering things like “edging,” “border,” and “fringe” in the project search, and was really inspired by the variety of beautiful details Ravelers are giving their projects!


First up are annielight’s bold The Love of Spiders and DreamsinCrochet’s scalloped Midsomer Shawl.


Next we have lmecoll’s beautiful mesh Seastripes and DanaRae19’s squishy, graphic Bee Nimbus.


Above are OrangeSmoothie’s textured Isabelita Test and wendabird57’s brightly beaded beaded peace sign shawl.


Finally, here are Mawie’s boldly fringed Wildblumen Reggae, and Filetstueck’s delicate Handkerchief / hanky in filet-crochet with scalloped edge.

I’m so inspired by these thoughtful, lovely border and edge details. Thank you to everyone for sharing your beautiful work with the Ravelry community!