friend activity update 1

The Friend Activity feature on Ravelry is one of my favorite places to check on the site. To find it, click on the friends section of your Notebook, and then the friend activity tab. (If you don’t have a lot of activity in your friend activity tab, you can check mine out by clicking here!)

I’ve posted a Friend Activity overview before (please check out this past tip if you aren’t familiar with this feature), but wanted to share another tip about it because we’ve just released some updates to this feature, inspired by a suggestion from Raveler Lovewool-Knits (thanks Jenn!) that we hope you enjoy!

friend activity update 2

First: oooh the pretty pictures. We now default to a larger photo view, more consistent with other photo views across the site. (The old, smaller photo view is still an option you can select if you prefer.) You’ll also notice little Ravatars (I’ve marked them with green arrows in the photo above) whenever there is activity for someone adding a project photo – we wanted to make it easier to spot when one of your friends is updating a project they’ve been working on!

friend activity update 3

You’ll also notice an update to the filters that allow you to select which types of activity you want to see. Now, we condense the options into a drop-down list, and display a description of the activity type that the icon represents next to each icon in the list.

Finally, if you select a set of your friends from the drop-down on the left, to see only activity from that set of friends, we will remember your preference, so the next time you come back and view your friend activity you’ll see the same set you’d selected before.

It is so fun to see all kinds of activity in this section! If you feel shy about adding someone to your Ravelry friends, and aren’t sure where to begin, you can always add any of us on the Ravelry staff! Casey, Jess, Sarah, Christina, and I all happily accept any and all Ravelry friends. (So does Bob!)