When you get magic linked in the Ravelry forums, you receive a message that says “Are your ears burning?” Many people therefore refer to a magic link as an “earburn”. These phrases made me look in the projects to see if there are some fun projects with ears, and boy are there! Here are a few I wanted to share.

First off, some fun hats with ears.

From left to right: Carajv’s Zvsi hat, annemariebb1’s Devil-cat hat and Plektou’s Red Fox Hood Cowl

Next, a few cute stuffies with ears.

From left to right: coffeebug’s Sheepies!, mostlymunchies’ Sno-Balls! and spingirl’s Mounted Jackalope

And, last but not least, a few other projects that I couldn’t resist sharing.

From left to right: Irish’s Brantley’s Fox Mittens, fluffandfuzz’s Bunny Ears Egg Cosy and JanuaryYarns’ Check Meowt Cat Socks

These projects with ears really brightened my day and I hope they brought a smile to your face, too!