We just got back from a wonderful weekend at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY. It was a great festival, and definitely chilly enough for everyone to be wearing lots of beautiful woolen garments and accessories – so inspiring! For this week’s Eye Candy post, we thought we’d do something a little different, and took pictures around the festival to highlight here. Enjoy!


Above, at left, IrishSweetheart and her gorgeous mitts, cowl, and hat – all of which are at least partly made from her own handspun! She attended the meetup with her mother on both days, and we are grateful that her mom gave us permission to post this picture of her modeling her wonderful work. In the middle is ShamekaKnits and her vibrant Neon and Neutral Cowl and a lovely Purple-grass sweater. At right is Hannabelle wearing piles of her beautiful knits – I’m pretty sure that cozy scarf is her Lacy Baktus, but check out her Ravelry notebook for all kinds of handspun loveliness!


Here we have Susanjoy, missdmna, and magilson showing off their beautiful Baa-ble Hats! There were so many cute Baa-bles at Rhinebeck this year!


Thank you to Gretchen623 and ZuzuSunshine for showing off your stunning shawls!


Knitwit685 and Megnolia13 clearly got into the Rhinebeck Spirit with their layers of woolen goodness and happy smiles!


We saw a happy group of knitters with matching FOs (and an almost FO that I was delighted to see the woman on the end wear anyway, still on the needles). Turns out they were test-knitting a soon-to-be-available pattern from Raveler ymalcolm – it looks great, Yelena!

My camera also ate a really cute picture of hodgepodge and fibreperson in all kinds of crochet finery – and I am so bummed because they looked great – but you can check out their Ravelry notebooks, linked above, for lots of crochet inspiration!


Finally, Sarah and Christina spotted this awesomeness in the parking lot – brittanotthefiltr’s Girasole, adapted to become a tire cover for her Jeep. We salute you, Britta!

Thank you to everyone who came by our Ravelry meetups to get a button and say hello to us and your Ravelry friends. We just love attending this festival every year, and can’t say enough how much we appreciate getting to meet our community members in person – Ravelers are just the best! If you like, you can check out many more updates from the NY Sheep and Wool festival in the Rhinebeck Group.