Thursday Tip: Shop Tab

September 24th, 2015

I am back with another installment of my tour of the main tabs of Ravelry. If you missed or want to reread the previous posts, check out these entries about the patterns tab, yarns tab, people tab, forums tab, and groups tab.

The shop tab can be accessed by clicking in the top row of tabs or by visiting

The shop tab is split into 3 columns and we’re going to work our way across starting on the left.

The Ravelry Mini-Mart is the place to buy Ravelry-branded merchandise. The sales of these items help support the site, and are a great way to show off your Ravelry love wherever you go. You can click the link at the top to go to the minimart home and view all the products we offer, or click on any of those pictures to be taken straight to that product. If you have questions about or ideas for products, check out the Ravelry Store Chatter forum. Oh, and keep an eye on the minimart in the coming months – we have some new products coming soon!

Next up, let’s visit the middle column.

The marketplace is a Ravelry advertising slot available for purchase. You can visit it to find out about the shops your fellow Ravelers run, or click on an individual ad to visit it. One thing I like about the marketplace is you can filter the ads by category and also by advertisers local to you, in your friends, or in your groups.

Finally, let’s visit the right-most column.

Pattern stores lets you find patterns for sale on Ravelry. The link at the top takes you to advanced search for patterns from designers that sell on Ravelry, or if you see one you like you can click to go straight to the pattern. These patterns can be added to your Ravelry library and will always be available to you after purchase.

And that’s the shop tab! I hope you’ve learned more about the ways you can shop on Ravelry.