As you can tell by our Eye Candy posts, we are continuously inspired by searching through the projects that are being made by Ravelers. You can find the basic options for searching projects in Casey’s project search post, but I thought I’d point out some more project search options available on that page.

When on the project search page, you can see the search options on the left of the page. There are several options that I use fairly often that you might not know about which I have listed below:

Has photo: I almost always choose this option as I like to see what the project looks like, so I want to see projects with photos. To choose this, look for “has photo” on the left and choose the box next to “yes”.

Happiness with project: You can choose one or more than one of these options to see only projects that people rated as being very happy with, or not so happy with, depending on what you are hoping to find.

Finished in: Choosing options here allows you to choose to see only projects finished in the last couple of months or finished in 2013 and earlier.

More search options: There are so many options in this area. A couple of my favorites are the “In Library” option which allows me to search projects made from patterns I have in my library and the “Handspun” option so I can see projects that work great in handspun yarns. The “more search options” often bring up another window to complete before searching. An example of that is the “Favorited by” option which shows me projects specific people have favorited. I love relying on the good taste of my friends using this filter. First, click “favorited by” in the “more search options” box.

That brings up an image where I can enter the username of friends who’s favorites I want included and then hit “apply”.

You can spend a lot of time playing with the different search features available on the project advanced search page. The great thing is that you can save all of that effort by saving your search. We have a handy post about that you can check out for more information on saving searches.

Ravelers adding their projects and project pictures is what makes the advanced project search great, so please keep adding your projects and pictures! I hope this post helps you to better use the projects advanced search to find inspiration from all of the great projects added by Ravelers every day.