Community Eye Candy: Estonia

September 8th, 2015

Some of my favorite eye candy posts are the ones that feature Ravelers from a single country. I love seeing what knitting and crocheting means to people around the world. Estonia is well-known as a place with beautiful traditional crafts, and today’s post highlights some recently finished projects from local Ravelers.

I have such a fondness for colorwork and these projects are all exquisite. From left: betaema’s Muhu sakad. Muhu stockings., AnuPink’s Runö gloves, and kkerli’s Muhu mustritega sõrmikud.

No matter where you are, handmade sweaters are hard to resist. From left: Freddy’s Bluish, Mammutis’ Villatriip (that askew pocket is my favorite part!), and SunnyAmber’s Starry Night.

Of course I can’t talk about Estonia without talking about lace. It was hard to choose just these few beauties out of the many incredible projects on Ravelry. From left: LENA11’s Happsalu shawl #29 (shawls 1-28 do exist! and can be found on this project tab), raamat’s summer snowflakes (the beads on the edgings are such a delicate detail), and K-Kristiina’s Tiina lilleaed (so lovely in color).

I hope you enjoyed this peek into what our Estonian Ravelers have been creating. I found these by setting my location to Estonia and then looking at projects near me – you can use this link to find recent projects near you or any place on the globe if you update your location.