I love making crafty things for my home, and as a result never tire of browsing projects in the “Home” categories here on Ravelry. This week some outstanding wall hangings caught my eye, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites that have been completed thus far in 2015!

wall hangings 1

From left to right: Anisbee’s une licorne pour Lilas, Moipouf’s Grandma Goose Filet Portrait, and Wallebutter’s Alien Autopsy.

wall hangings 2

This group’s wall hangings include Doespins’ Dark Water, textilefusion’s Mama Lion, and AmyThreads’ COSMOS.

wall hangings 3

Finally, we have SupaSteph’s Some Bunny is on My Wall, selyn84’s Sunwheel Dreamcatcher, and collection de papillons from Anisbee.

I am so inspired by this creative yarn art! Thank you to all the Ravelers here for sharing your projects on Ravelry!