Hello! We had such a wonderful time in Columbus at TNNA – it was great to step away from the computers for a few days and talk in person with Ravelers. One item that caught all of our eyes at this year’s show was the gorgeous capes and ponchos everywhere, so I wanted to highlight recent projects in those categories.

I love the colors of these! BlissYarns’ bliss yarns phoebe, RabeeaDee’s Wedding Capelet, and lv2knit’s Color Blind.

I thought all of these projects have beautiful and unusual shapes. Dainty154’s Betty’s Poncho, AccordingtoLia’s Leaf Capelet, and MagdalenaEska’s Austensible Capelet.

And finally, I love how pleased each of these models look! mcneedlesla’s Lisbon Poncho, crazyyarngirl’s Golden Cowl Poncho, and Anamism’s Astrid.

This will be our only post this week as we get caught up after our travel. I hope you loved it!