Laceweight shawls are such a versatile year round accessory, and oh so pretty, so today we are featuring some of the great laceweight shawls that have been made so far this year.

I found some beautiful solid and semi-solid colored shawls (clockwise from top left): Heikku’s Marina, jettshin’s Stellaria for Costa Rica, ravliki’s Pressed Violets and Bayleee’s Elegant Elise.

And, I just love the color combinations in these shawls (clockwise from top left): K-Kristiina’s Sweet Dreams, ldyer1’s Maia Shawl flower, himawari’s Belle Époque Shawl and ChristalLittleK’s Divergence.

The shawls featured here really are just the tip of the iceberg of the lovely shawls people have been creating this year. You can find more using this search.