Thursday Tip: Yarns Tab

May 7th, 2015

Hello and welcome back to our tour of the Ravelry navigation tabs. Last month I talked about all the features in the patterns tab and today I will continue on and discuss the yarns tab.

You can get to the yarns tab by visiting or clicking the yarns tab at the top of your screen. Let’s begin with the left side of the page.

Popular New Yarns

The first thing you’ll see is a list of the most popular yarns that are new to Ravelry – they were either first stashed within the past 60 days or the yarn entry was created within the past 90 days.

Local Yarn Shop Directory

If you want to find a yarn shop, you can search for them from this part of the page. The search box will accept either the name of a yarn shop or a city, state/country – sometimes I use it to look up a certain shop and sometimes to explore what’s available in a place I’m going to visit. If you have entered your location in your profile you’ll also have a link to yarn shops within 10 miles.

Below this is a link to our Road Trip Planner – you give us start and end points and how far off your route you’re willing to venture and we’ll tell you about yarn shops along the way!

Newly Added Yarns

Want to see yarns added to the database within the past week? Check out the newly added yarns section for the freshest additions to our database.

Next up, let’s check out the top right.

Search Yarns

The search box at the top right of the page is a shortcut to the yarns advanced search – enter what you’re looking for and we’ll take you to those results with the addition of lots of handy sorting and filtering options.

There is also a link straight to the advanced search if you prefer to browse without a search term. The search in stashes link takes you to the advanced search for stashed yarn – yarns entered in the notebooks of your fellow Ravelers. The yarn search is a great way to find yarns by attribute such as fiber content or gauge, while the stash search can give you more photos from Ravelry users to see the range of a colorway, for example.

Browse By Fiber

We allow yarn companies to enter the component fibers of a yarn when they’re entered in our database, and the browse by fiber section allows you to peruse yarns using these selections.

Finally, let’s check out the bottom right of the page.


This is a random selection of Ravelers and their Yarn Companies – a fun way to browse what our community is creating. You can choose the link at the top to see all of the yarnies (just shy of 3K as I publish this!) or select a yarn company to learn more about. The yarn company page has a bio as well as a list of their yarns they’ve entered on Ravelry and often information about where you can purchase their yarns.

And that’s the end of our yarns tab tour. We’ll keep up our tour over the coming months and hopefully you’ll continue to learn more about the site.