We have some great new ways to give and receive now available on Ravelry!

Non-Ravelers can now send you patterns from your wishlist!
Friends and family may ask you what you want for the next holiday that comes along. Now, they can buy patterns for you from your wishlist even if they don’t have a Ravelry login! Don’t have a wishlist? Never fear, you can find out how to make one by checking out these instructions.

To give those friends & family members a not-so-subtle hint, send them a link to your wishlist. You can find it by going to your queue, and clicking the wishlist tab.
wishlist tab
Then, copy the link from your browser’s address window. Paste that into an email to your loved one and they will then be able to access your wishlist anytime in the future to send you pattern presents through our download system!

Gift patterns can be sent from Ravelers & Non-Ravelers, and they can be sent to Ravelers & Non-Ravelers, you just need the recipient’s Ravelry username or email address. Also, if you are sending a gift pattern anonymously for a secret swap, you can now log out before sending and send a secret pattern gift.

You can now send Ravelry Extras as a gift to another Raveler!
Know someone who would like to have the ability to add images directly to the forums, but hasn’t yet purchased the Ravelry Extras for whatever reason? You can now send it to them. To do this, go to the Ravelry Extras page and click “send as a gift”.
gift extras
Extras can only be sent to Ravelers, but they can be sent from both Ravelers & Non-Ravelers using the Extras webpage.

It is super fun to give and receive gifts! Hopefully these new gifting options will help you to get what you want for that next special occasion or to spread some cheer to another person!