The projects shown this week use designs that span the last century.

korakora’s Princess Louise Bag (1917), knotweezy’s OMG I Knit a Lyra!! (1939) and melanostalgia’s Victory Jumper (1945).

nsangheetha’s I Love Doily (1951), Toreador’s Vintage blouse (1954) and CabledSheep’s Vintage Green (1966).

sarispindle’s Strawberry Swirl (1970), Turbo’s Seamless ski sweater (1981) and HanKnit’s Tutti-frutti Booties (1989).

I started this post by looking for projects made from pre-1950s patterns but it turns out that there just aren’t that many being finished each month. Here is a search that shows patterns published before 1950, with those that have the most projects listed first: