friend activity

Friend activity has long been one of my very favorite Ravelry features. Found on the Friend Activity tab in the Friends section of your Ravelry notebook, it shows you different types of site activity from your Ravelry friends, so you can see when your friends have:

  • added a project photo
  • added a stash photo
  • added a photo to a handspun project
  • queued a pattern
  • added something to their Ravelry favorites
  • magic-linked a pattern, yarn or project in the forums
  • commented on patterns, yarns, projects, or stashed yarns

displayed activity

If your friend list is large and active, or you prefer to see only certain types of activity, you can filter the specific type of activity you want to see by selecting the appropriate “displayed activity” ticky boxes at the top of your Friend Activity tab. Your displayed activity choices will be remembered, so you don’t have to re-filter every time you check the tab. If you’ve organized your friends into confidential sets (you can do this on the organize tab in your friend section – more info here!) you can also limit your friend activity to only that set of friends with the drop-down menu at the top left.

I love checking my Friend Activity because it’s such a quick way to get inspiration, discover patterns and projects I might not have seen, and see updates to the projects my friends are working on.

You’ll only see activity on this tab if you have added Ravelers to your friends and they are active on the site in ways that display activity. If you haven’t added any Ravelry users to your friends yet, it’s easy to do – just go to their Ravelry profile page and click on the “add to my friends” button:

add to friends

On Ravelry, a “friend” can be someone you don’t even know and there is no approval process or expectation of being friended back, so please feel free to add folks to your friends for any reason. One of the best reasons to friend someone is if you think they make awesome stuff and you’ll like to follow what they are making through the Friend Activity tab. If you feel shy about adding people to your friends list and aren’t sure where to start, please feel free to add any of us on the staff here – we’d love to have you in our Ravelry friends!