As I was driving in the rain today, I was reminded of the expression “April showers bring May flowers,” so today’s Eye Candy is inspired by the April showers we are experiencing here. I did a color search for projects made in blue and grey and selected ones that reminded me of the colors of a rainy day.

grey sweaters
Clockwise, from left: lizjuk’s onwards and upwards cardigan, amyjknits’ calligraphy cardigan and Sanne19’s Sannes Monte Rosa.

Clockwise, from left: snowflakequeen’s All the blues, XineGirl’s Summer Breeze/Brise d’été and contemax’s Longing for Spring.

Clockwise, from left: pierre’s More Camp Than a Row of Tents, KerriSan’s Tea Cozy Kerri’s 6 cup and JustAddGlitter’s True Love Shawl.

If you want to see more projects that might remind you of a rainy day, you can check out the blue and grey color search. If you are experiencing some April showers of your own, here’s hoping that flowers are coming soon!