Community Eye Candy: Hat Day

March 31st, 2015

Tomorrow is Hat Day here on Ravelry.

On April 1st every year, your posts in the forums are adorned with a bonus silly hat. I hope that you all receive a great hat that fits perfectly, but if it doesn’t you can always adjust your avatar to match :) Here are some Ravelers and their headwear on the first Hat Day in 2008:

For eye candy, I picked out some great hats that were finished in February and March. Some silly, some not.

Above: dragonbird’s Roly Poly Pill Bug
flarkin’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar and
Anisbee’s Marie-Antoinette.

Above: itsSOfluffy’s Ewok Hood, bohoknits’ Tartan Beanie and Headband,
and MiaSelf’s The Amazing Brave and Fizzy Chemo Snood Head (photo credit: fizzysnood on Instagram)

Above: lindsaymudd’s Peggy the Lurcher’s Daft Hat!, tempolinse’s Starry night in the Fjordland, and
HonestBloom’s Plus a Hat.