Community Eye Candy: Green

March 24th, 2015

Everywhere I look lately I see green. Trees are budding and grass is growing and flowers are blooming. Inspired by that, today’s eye candy is green projects finished in March.

First, some light green lovelies: Heikku’s Marina, MNakata54’s Girasole, andĀ beforesunrise’s someday in the sky we’ll see the same sun on the rise.

How about some bright green beauties? ErinB’s Welcome to the Flock, Svipser’s In Transit (5), and KotCheshirskiy’s “Family Look” part II.

Last, let’s round it out with some dark green delights: HoleyFiber’s Green Moss Cowl Sweater, estregger’s stregg nog, Amigo74’s Spring Hazel, and Mary-Pet’s Green dress.

I think you’re all feeling the green love lately too, since 10% of the projects from this month were green. You can check them all out using this link!