Cabled sweaters are classic for a good reason – they are lovely, warm, and fun to make. For today’s Eye Candy post, I am highlighting some of the beautiful cable sweaters that Ravelers have completed so far in 2015!

cabled sweaters 1

Verabee’s Hawser, PaperDaisy1’s Lisa’s Rowe, and ehalf’s 8 Days of Wheat all strike a perfect balance between flattering and cozy.

cabled sweaters 2

The proud photos for stacychi123’s quickdraw, SamanthaLW’s Burrard, and edmondskathy’s (crocheted!) Irish Twist make me happy – there’s really nothing like finishing a fantastic new sweater!

cabled sweaters 3

Finally, I just adore Suzy-Creamcheese’s striking adventurous, Konrad’s luxurious Usk, and -Jenya-‘s intricate Grit.

To see more beautiful cabled FOs (finished objects) from this year, you can search for “cables” in our project search box for page after page of inspiration.