While playing around in the advanced project search a few weeks ago, I realized that it’s possible to find projects done with more than 1 yarn weight. It was tough to tear myself away from the amazing projects I found in the results, and I immediately penciled this in for my next Eye Candy post. I’m really excited to share some of these beauties with you today.

I really love the effect of different colors plus different yarn weights in al these projects! Clockwise from top left: KimDenise’s Fifty Grifty, SpringerB6’s Restekiste – two teddy bears, and apedawn’s Frostline.

These sweaters are all gorgeous pairings of different yarn weights. procleusmatic’s northern beauty (why yes, I would like to start adding a luscious cuff edging to all my sweaters!), iikku’s True friend, and hydrangealover’s Thandie Funnel Neck.

All these projects are the result of two different weights knit together. What amazing results! Clockwise from left: eritml’s Polaris, EspaceTricot’s Mira’s Cowl, VincentandFriends’ Josie, and himawari’s Aurelia Cowl.

PS Here’s an example of the search I used to find projects for this post – select 2 yarn weights and make sure the filter says AND between them. You might notice in your searches that you turn up diversely international results, a great glimpse into popular techniques in different places.