Community Eye Candy: Louisianans

February 17th, 2015

Hello and happy Mardi Gras, Ravelers!  In the US, the home of our biggest Fat Tuesday celebration is New Orleans, Louisiana.  So, today we’re going to celebrate some of the amazing projects made recently by Louisiana Ravelers.

First up I highlight some hats! Lollyloop’s Red Dragon is so detailed, ShaunaMHamilton’s Fixation Hat has an awesome color combo and aehull’s ear flaps in handspun looks like a squishy marvel.

Next are some shawls and a backpack. I love how much shine there is to RitaMiller’s Amethyst, YarnGardenStore’s Leslie’s Shadow & Glow has the most handsome model, Dawnetello’s Feather intarsia knapsack is gorgeous colorwork.

Finally, some sweaters. I loved all of these because the models look so happy and proud! From left to right: yvonnegut’s Overcast, dyb317’s Garter Stitch Sweater, and ashleybah’s Mudblood.